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5 Easy Macaron Baking Tips For Beginners

macaron baking tips

Macaron, popularly known as French Macaroon, is a meringue sweet. Meringue refers to sweet, which is made of egg white, and sugar. The macaron was first made by an Italian Chef for Queen Catherine de Medici. In today’s time, macaron is popular everywhere. A different variant of macaron can be seen in France, Japan, the USA, and Switzerland. Social media has also played a vital role in its popularity; We can see more than 7 million posts with the hashtag macaron on Instagram.

Macaron Baking Tips

Baking Macaron is not an easy task as Macarons are sensitive to moisture. This is the reason why in high humid places it is recommended to switch on the air conditioning. Air conditioning will help to tackle moisture in humid places. Also, some people recommend aged egg white as it has less moisture compared to fresh egg whites.

Now, after learning about macaron and the difficulty you can face because of your geographical location, here’s a list of macaron baking tips you must use to make absolutely delicious macarons.

1. Don’t Use Liquid Food Color

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Yes, you saw macaron on your Instagram feed, and you decide to add food color to your Macaron batter. Like, I said before, a macaron is very sensitive to moisture, and liquid food color will add moisture to the batter. Instead of liquid food color, try using food color paste.

2. Sieve Everything

Because you’re baking, you will be prepared to sieve, but the key ingredients you will ignore to sieve are icing powder and ground almond. You might not know, but not sieving these ingredients can result in the formation of lumps in the batter, eventually making the Macaron flat.

3. Be Patient

Patience is the key to a perfect and delicious Macaron. Firstly check the whisker, and bowl making sure no moisture is present, secondly add sugar in three parts. Instead of trying to make it quickly by adding it all in one, add the sugar in three parts. Third mix the batter gently, and fold quickly; otherwise, there’s a chance the batter will be runny.

4. Let The Macaron Dry

After piping the macaron on a baking sheet, tap the sheet so the air bubbles can escape. Keep the macaron out for 10 to 15 minutes to dry. If you live in a humid place, then switch on your AC before putting your macaron out to dry.

5. Let It Cool

Once taken out from the oven, let them cool down a bit. Taking out macaron while they are hot can lead to macarons being sticky. Also, refrigerate them before eating. After piping the macarons, refrigerate them. This will give them a more chewy and tasty approach.

Summing Up

French macaron is a deliciously difficult dessert, though making it is tough, but you cannot deny the fact that it’s worth the struggle. Hopefully, these macaron baking tips will make your next batch of macaron a success.

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