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5 Major Disadvantages Of Solar Energy One Must Know

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People around the world are looking for ways to be more sustainable throughout their routine and there are certainly many ways to do so. While solar energy is considered to be a great alternative for accomplishing various tasks, we often forget to see the other face of the coin. Apart from the amazing advantages it serves, there are many disadvantages of solar energy that you should know before incorporating it into day-to-day activities. Although minor, these shortcomings need to be addressed and dealt with. We therefore thought of listing down all the cons of solar energy for you so that you can make a smart decision with regards to technologies around you.

Major Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

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1. Lacks Cost-Effectiveness

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Most of you may know that the initial purchasing and installation of solar systems costs fairy high. This includes various expenses for inverter, batteries, solar panels, wiring and installation. Although it can be expected that prices may go down in future with increased use of solar energy; it’s one of the cons if you were planning to install a solar system now.

2. Dependence On Weather

Although solar panels can easily collect solar energy on cloudy or rainy days too, it hinders the efficiency of the solar system to a great extent. For effective gathering of solar energy, the panels are highly dependent on sunlight. Also, solar energy can be collected only during the day and not at night. This would be a problem if you cannot afford the thermodynamic panels that offer water heating solutions at night.

3. Expensive Energy Storage

You either have to use solar energy right away or it has to be stored in large batteries. It’s done through off-grid solar systems which can be charged during the day to use that energy later. While this way you can use solar energy throughout the day, it’s very expensive. If your system is connected to the grid, you can use energy from it during the night and during the day, use the solar power. Most of your needs can be met during the day and this will be a smart choice.

4. Requires Space

The more electricity you want, the more panels you will need so that more and more sunlight can be collected. Since solar PV panels are big enough, you need big roofs to get them installed perfectly. While you can still adjust by installing a few, this solution may not be as effective as you want it to be. Therefore, the requirement of space can be considered as one of the disadvantages of solar energy.

5. Contribution To Pollution

Although solar energy systems are known to cause the least pollution, somehow they are associated with it. The transportation and installation of solar systems is known to emit greenhouse gases. In fact, the manufacturing of solar photovoltaic systems requires the use of hazardous products and toxic materials.

Final Words

While there are many advantages of using solar power and it’s one of the best sustainable solutions for the lifestyle, considering the disadvantages of solar energy will always help you make better decisions regarding its use.

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