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A pancake Recipe No Baking Powder – Easy Recipes For All Occasions

pancake recipe no baking powder

Looking for a pancake recipe that doesn’t require the use of a baking powder? If you are like me, you are probably looking for one that does not have sugar in it. When we talk about pancakes, we usually mean the kind that you get from a diner in the morning. However, I will tell you about another type of pancake recipe that you might try.

The pancake itself is very similar to the waffle. The only difference is that it has a little bit more oil. You won’t have to worry about changing the oil so much if you use the same ingredients as what is used in a regular pancake. Just substitute them with some ingredients needed for other dishes. Here’s the list of what’s needed: pancake mix, eggs, butter, sugar and flour.

Pancake Recipe No Baking Powder

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A pancake mix is just regular food flour. Just make sure that the mix doesn’t have any coffee or chocolate pieces in it. You don’t want to make things worse by adding these things. You could also consider mixing in some powdered sugar instead of flour. It works great in this recipe.

Baking powder shouldn’t be present on your ingredients list. This is because it will only disrupt the pancake batter. The powder isn’t going to do anything if there are ingredients in there that won’t allow the batter to come to its perfection. If you really don’t want to add baking powder to your pancake batter, then just skip it.

You can add your own ingredients, but it is highly recommended to still get all of your ingredients together before you start pouring them in. The pancake mixture will already be ready to go, so you don’t need to spend extra time mixing all the ingredients together. Once you’re done with all of your ingredients, then it’s time to cook the pancake. Simply put your skillet on the stove and heat it up until it is hot enough to cook your pancake. Once it is cooked, simply take it out of the fire and enjoy your delicious breakfast.

Ingredients You Need To Prepare Pancake Recipe

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For a pancake recipe no baking powder, the baking time is going to vary. Some recipes take less time than others. Also, some require that the pan is preheated before it is placed into the pancake batter. If yours does not, then just bring it to the proper temperature, and you should be fine. It may also take a little more patience to get the pancake just right.

Instructions To Prepare

Once your pancake is done, you will simply add your favorite toppings and spread them onto the top and sides of your creation. You might want to drizzle some of your favorite toppings over the top and sides as well. Then just take it out of the oven and let it cool to room temperature. Before eating, allow the pancake to cool completely before you open up the package or wrap it up for display.


A pancake is a perfect meal, whether you are having one for breakfast, at dinner, or for dessert. It is a simple mix of ingredients and a simple cooking process that result in a delicious dish. There is very little prep required for this type of pancake recipe, so you can easily prepare them on the go. Another great thing about these kinds of pancakes is that they are very simple to find and you can even find them in your local grocery store. This makes it very easy to have a pancake that is quick and easy to make and yet still tastes great.

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