Baking Pie Crust For The Perfect Cannabutter Pie

cooking pie crust

Cooking pie crust is an art in itself. If you have ever made a pie crust, then you know how tricky it can be. I will give you three tips to help you make the best pie crust of your life. It requires long hours of preparation, and you must follow a strict recipe in order to get it right. However, if you follow these tips, you will be rewarded with a delicious pie crust that rivals the best restaurants.

If you have ever made a pie from scratch before, you know that there are some essentials you need. First, you need a pastry pan with a thick bottom that gives the dough a good grip so that it doesn’t fall through the cracks while baking. Second, you will need a shortening formula; I prefer butter and shortening, however, you can use any vegetable oil or shortening you like. You will also need rolling pins, a fork, and pie weights to help ensure even distribution of the weight.

An Overview

Baking Pie

The secret to having good-tasting crusts is preparation. Start by preparing the crusts before you start cooking. Shorten the dough by using a food processor or blender. Add your shortening or vegetable oil and mix it thoroughly. Then add your shortening and mix again.

Another key to having great-tasting pie crusts is to work in aluminum foil. Aluminum foil comes in handy because it allows you to bake the crusts completely in their shells. There are two ways you can do this. First, you can bake the crust in its full form. Place one piece of aluminum foil on the bottom of each pie, then place your graham cracker on top of each one and bake for about one hour or until done. Then, remove the foil and cut each pie into six equal pieces.

Alternatively, you can prepare your crust in its uncooked form. To do this, simply take a tablespoon of dry ice and fill each of your pie pans with it. Turn the heat on to its low setting and let the ice-dipped crust cool slightly before you begin working with your shortening and flour mixture.

Baking Pie Crust Facts

Baking Piete

If you are making a traditional round pie, you will need to roll out your pastry dough and place it onto a floured board. With your rolling pin, roll it out until it’s just barely large enough to cover your pie pan. Once your dough is covered, begin putting your filled pie crusts on the board, being careful to cover all sides with your rolled out dough. Press down on the dough and continue rolling until the entire thing is covered.

Some of the most popular Cannabutter Pie Crust recipes call for shortening. For these recipes, I would recommend using butter instead of shortening. If you’re not going to be using shortening, you can use vegetable shortening or even powdered sugar. You can also bake your own Cannabutter Pie crusts from scratch.

Many times, I’m asked what ingredients go into a good recipe for Cannabutter Pie. My response to that is simple: good basic pie crust needs butter, shortening, and flour. Other than that, any ingredients you’d like to put in the pie crust can be used as long as they add flavor to the pie and don’t alter the basic ingredients listed above. By adapting your own pie crust recipe, you can create an awesome Cannabutter Pie that everyone will rave about.

In The End

Always check the baking time when choosing a recipe. Some recipes call for an optimal temperature for pre-baking, while others give you leeway. However, a pie that’s too hot or cold is just as unappealing as one that takes too long to bake. Therefore, you must be careful to read the recipe carefully and follow all of the instructions carefully so that your pie comes out perfect.

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