Best Cookies Baking Tips For The Beginners At Home

Cookies Baking Tips

Cookies are loved by almost everyone. You can find a huge variety of flavors in cookies in the market like chocolate mint, vanilla, and others. If you want to make cookies at home, you need to keep mind a lot of things. It is because making them is not an easy task and you need to be careful while preparing the batter for your cookies. A small mistake can ruin your cookies. If you are making cookies for the first time at your home then given below are some cookies baking tips for you to get the market-like taste.

Cookies Baking Tips To Make Delicious Cookies
Cookies Baking Tips To Make Delicious Cookies

Avoid Greasing The Pan – One Of The First Cookies Baking Tips

Greasing the pan makes the cookies spread in the surrounding and it may possibly turn into a giant cookie. To avoid cookie sticking, you must clean your pan properly. If still, your cookies are sticking to the pan, you can use a baking mat or parchment paper sheet to bake your cookies properly instead of the pan.

Use Light-Colored Pan For Baking The Cookies 

Now, you must be thinking what’s the point of taking a light-colored pan? Cookies baked on a dark color pan usually get burnt at the bottom. It is because dark color pans absorb more heat and result in burning your cookies from the downside. Some people are not aware of this fact and they are not able to get the desired result. If you have also gone through the same situation multiple times then try this baking tip and notice the result yourself. You should also keep this in mind while buying a new baking pan.  

Important Cookies Baking Tips – Avoid Rotating The Pan

Some people believe that rotating the pan can result in baking cookies properly and quickly. But it is not so. The oven distributes the heat in all the corners equally and bakes the cookies properly. You don’t have to rotate the pan again and again. Opening the oven regularly will result in losing the heat and it will directly affect the cookies. That’s why you are highly recommended not to open it. The important thing to keep in mind is to bake the cookies only for 10 to 12 minutes not more or less than that.

Top Cookies Baking Tips
Top Cookies Baking Tips

Use Cooling Rack After Baking

After baking the cookies, you should take them out from the pan on a cooling rack immediately. It is because letting the cookies cool down on the hot pan will result in cooking it further and it will also burn it from the bottom. Racks are made of tight wired grip that will help in cooling down the cookies without burning it from the bottom.


Baking cookies at home is not an easy task. For that, you should consider taking help from others or have some research work. There are several recipes available online and you can use them to make the best cookies.

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