Cooking Leveling Guide - Learn Quick Tips For Leveling Your Cooking Skills -

Cooking Leveling Guide – Learn Quick Tips For Leveling Your Cooking Skills

cooking leveling guide

If you’re leveling up your character in the Age of Conan or are just starting a new alt, suggest using a cooking leveling guide. To level your character from anywhere in the game, you will need this. It usually takes around 20 minutes, while using the old way, it would normally take many hours and days since you have to do so many daily quests for the recipes.

Leveling Up In AOC

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With a cooking leveling guide, leveling up in AOC will be a lot easier and faster. These guides are very useful, especially if you are starting. The process will be as easy as ABC. First of all, you will need a trainer. There would be one right next to your trainer if you didn’t notice.

If you are new, a cooking leveling guide will show you the best way how to level your cooking skill fast. You can level up your cooking skill by simply following the steps. But of course, you need to have the ingredients to cook the dishes. And of course, you also need to have a cooking trainer not to have to grind your herbs.

Preparing Raw Meat

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The first recipe that you should learn is for raw meat. You need raw meat to reach level 10 in cooking. This is where your time will be spent cooking. The ingredients for this dish are; sardines, fresh lemon, garlic, potatoes, bread, milk, cheese, and honey. Once you have gathered these materials, talk to your cooking trainer to start.

Levels Of Cooking

Cooking is divided into different levels. You start as an apprentice until you become an artisan. Once you pass a certain number of apprentices, you will become a journeyman and cook more expensive food. And once you reach level 20, you will become a master chef and cook rare species of animals and vegetables.

The recipes for cooking differ depending on what level you currently are. If you want to cook for more experienced players, you should start cooking the simpler recipes. It is better to start with raw fish or chicken. If you are starting at an advanced level, cook meat such as pork. You can also teach your fellow players in the World of Warcraft cooking tutorial about how to cook. It is one of the best ways to earn in the game.

Cooking Magnificent Dishes

If you already have reached level 85 and want to cook magnificent dishes, you might want to try the following recipes. If you want to cook a fish, you can purchase the recipe called Cook Fish. It requires an Iron Fishing rod, an ice cube, a freshwater fish, an onion, and a potato. This dish will make you hungry, so you might want to eat it slowly. However, if you do not like fish’s taste, you can use the fish as your ingredient instead of an onion. If you purchase the Cook Big Catfish recipe, it will take you longer to cook than the previous recipe.

Preparing Cheaper Dishes

The next cooking tip you will learn is how to prepare cheaper dishes. Some examples are the following. If you know how to spot yellowtail bass, you can purchase the recipe called Spot Yellowtail Bass. Meanwhile, if you do not know how to spot yellowtail bass, you can purchase the recipe called Fly Fishing for Tuna or Sea Trout. The idea is that you can learn these dishes at lower levels but are more expensive to prepare.

The third cooking tip is how to prepare great night fin soup. The cooking level for this recipe will be easier once you have the help of a leveling guide. This recipe requires a Sunflower, Garlic, Lettuce, Cucumber, Diced Red Onion, Poached Red Peas, Sherry, Feta Chicken, Cumin, Chili Powder, Black Pepper, and Cumin seeds. If you purchase the Cook Nightfin Soup recipe, it will take you more time because there are more ingredients to cook. You might find it too boring to cook it, but you will be happy once you have finished preparing it.

Cook Brilliant Smallfish

The fourth cooking tip that you can use in leveling up is by purchasing a recipe called Cook Brilliant Smallfish. This recipe requires a Silver Ingredient, Longjaw Snapper from one of the following vendors, Cephalon or Yellowtail or any other type of fish. Once you purchase the recipe, you can start cooking the fish using the spoon provided to you. Once you successfully cook the fish, it will become a delicious dish that your family will surely love.

Final Words

The fifth cooking tip for leveling is by using the recipe called Cook Stuffed Minnows. This recipe requires you to purchase the recipe called Cooked Minnows from one of the following vendors, Cephalon or Yellowtail or any other type of fish. It is best if you purchase the fish found in Lake Wintergrasp or Ironwood Forests since the price for them is cheap.

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