Decorating A Cake: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

Decorating A Cake: A Complete Beginner's Guide

If you’re a beginner at baking, you might be concerned about decorating a cake. Don’t be, because in addition to the preparation of the cake itself, decorating your cake can be fun. Plus, as long as you have basic supplies like candles, piping bags, and a little imagination, you can come up with several different ideas for decorating your cake.

The tradition of decorating a cake begins with the early Native Americans. In fact, the first recorded use of decoration is believed to be in the 1300s.

The Best Way to Decorate a Cake

Decorating a cake top
Decorating A Cake: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

One style of decorating a cake is by letting it stand overnight in a bowl of milk and water. Next morning, allow it to stand to dry overnight, and then pipe icing on the top. To make the icing more difficult to remove, paint it with a mixture of egg whites and oil. Finally, decorate the cake by allowing it to sit out for several hours until it has a nice sheen to it.

Another way to decorate a cake is to cut sugar-coated paper into flower shapes. When you’re done decorating the cake, simply wipe the paper off to reveal the flower shapes.

Beginner’s Cake Decoration Tips

Cookie cake decoration
Decorating A Cake: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

There are many other ways to decorate a cake. Here are some useful ones to help you get started as a beginner:

  1. You can paint the top of the cake using a mixture of flour and water, or you can mix powdered sugar and water and then paint the top. For a fun effect, allow the cake to dry for several hours before removing the paper. This will give you a great finished look.
  2. Another easy way to decorate a cake is to use candle holders. With the help of candle holders, you can use a variety of different shapes and designs. You can choose candle holders that resemble hearts, stars, flowers, or anything else you can think of. For something a little more elaborate, you could purchase candle holders and decorate them as if they were a cake.
  3. If you want to decorate a cake without having to get a special cake decorating course, try making cupcakes. Decorate the cupcakes the same way you would decorate a cake. All you need is some icing, cupcake liners, and a cupcake maker.
  4. For some more ideas, try decorating a cake using sponges as decors. Simply brush the sponge with white icing and decorate the edges of the cake using fondant.

Some Advanced Tips

Cake decoration with fruits
Decorating A Cake: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

Once you get familiar with the easy steps mentioned in the previous section, you can try these advanced steps and decorate a cake like a pro.

  1. Try chocolate pudding on top of a cake. You can also make chocolate pudding into shapes by coating it with chocolate and then decorating it with melted chocolate. You can easily do this by using a disposable spray bottle to create a chocolate mousse spray.
  2. For a wonderful edible art project, you can decorate with real flowers. If you’ve got some pretty flowers from the garden or a friend’s yard, you can decorate them with plastic and either uses piping bags or a long thin ribbon to pipe icing over the flowers. It makes the flowers look like they’re floating in the air.
  3. Finally, if you want to express yourself with a beautiful cake, try decorating it with candies. Use candy shaped to look like ice cream cones, cookies, lollipops, candy corn, chocolate chip cookies, pretzels, and gummy bears. Even for kids, this is a fun project to do.

By combining the tradition of decorating a cake with other great ideas, you’ll find that you can come up with a new way to decorate a cake each time you bake. With a little creativity, you can also come up with a new decorating project every time.

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