Decorating A Cake – Tips, Do’s & Don’ts

Decorating A Cake – Tips, Do’s & Don’ts

Decorating a cake is something that can be fun and also very complicated at the same time. Decorating a cake will require skill and patience, especially if you are a beginner. Before you start decorating your cake, we decided to ease your job with some cake decoration tips. Follow them to decorate a cake beautifully in no time.

Never Decorate A Warm Cake

First of all, make sure your cake is at room temperature before you start decorating it. Do not decorate a hot cake. The icing should also never be applied to the cake while it is still warm.

Decorating A Cake – Tips, Do’s & Don’ts
Decorating A Cake – Tips, Do’s & Don’ts

Don’t Use Excessive Frosting

Decorators love to apply frosting on the top of their cake. However, applying a lot of frosting may not be a good idea. You should avoid this if you want the cake to look and taste delicious.

Use Frosting Of Different Kinds

When it comes to frosting or icing, you have plenty of options to go for like whipped cream, buttercreams, and glazes to name a few. For something different, you can use other fillers instead of frosting between the layers. Use chocolate ganache for a decadent and rich taste. You can also use jellies and jams as a center filling. Lemon curd is another great option. It adds a touch of tang and brightness in your cakes.

Go For Thick Icing 

Always use thick frosting for decorating a cake. When you use an icing that is thick, it will be easier for you to apply it to the cake. Also, the icing will be smoother.

Avoid Bright Colors

When you are decorating a cake, you should avoid decorating it with bright colors. Instead, use pastel colors for your decorations. Pastel colors will give the cake a sophisticated look no matter what theme it has. It’s also not recommended to use too many colors at once.

Use Soft Decorating Tools

Always use soft and delicate decorating tools. Remember they should not be overly stiff and sharp but delicate and smooth. In other words, all your cake boards, turntables, spatulas, scrapers, piping bags, etc. should be smooth and not sharp or edgy.

Get Rid Of The Top Surface

If the top of your cake is curved, it is advisable to cut it to achieve a smooth surface. This is crucial if you are applying to frost as it will be smooth and consistent. It is also important to level your cakes if you are going to stack them.

Decorating A Cake – Tips, Do’s & Don’ts
Decorating A Cake – Tips, Do’s & Don’ts

Practice Piping

Making decorative shapes with a piping bag can be tricky for beginners. So, it is advisable to practice a lot when it comes to piping. Once you become good at it, you can create a number of shapes including flowers, stars, and more. We recommend practicing on a wax paper sheet instead of your cake.

Decorating a cake may sound complicated but it can be done hassle-free with these cake decoration tips. When you follow these tips, you will be able to make your cake come out great and will not ruin it. Happy decorating!

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