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Diabetic Baking Recipes Tips To Consider

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Firstly, eating more sugars never causes diabetes. Hence diabetic baking recipes exist for a reason. People who have diabetes fail to produce enough insulin which results in an increase in blood glucose levels. Since sugar has a more direct form of glucose it is a clear no for diabetics. So the question arises, Is baking safe for diabetes? You must be ready to make some sacrifices if you plan to live longer. And for this you must keep a regular check on your blood sugars. There are a few tips and tricks that you can apply in diabtic recipes for baking.

Swapping Works In Diabetic Baking Recipes


There are foods which are rich in fibre and less glucose. For instance, shifting from white flour to wholemeal flour can make a big difference. Being a diabetic patient you are not supposed to stop baking completely. But opting for healthier options is a way to go. Wholemeal has more fibre and is thus healthier than the regular white ones.  Likewise, You can swap your regular butter with healthier rapeseed oil. It does not have a strong smell which makes it perfect for baking. You will require less oil than butter too. To fill the difference you can use mashed banana, skimmed milk or even an unsweetened greek yogurt. Also, using cacao nibs instead of chocolate can be beneficial for diabetic people.

Knowing Alternatives To Sugar

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There are a plethora of options available to choose from. Artificial sweeteners have been in the industry for a long time. But more research is pointing more towards natural sources of sugar. Stevia is one such gem you can use instead of regular artificial sweeteners. You must also know that sugar is not the only thing that makes your cake sweet. Following a recipe gives you insights of the ingredients that can be used in many dishes. This can really enhance the sweetness as well as the flavour of your bake. Using little amounts of veggies is also a good option to take some natural sugars from them.

Things To Consider Apart From The Diabetic Baking Recipes

Of course the recipes will constitute a less sugar density consumed but there are other factors to consider too. You must learn to limit portion sizes. Try simple methods like making the tray size smaller or keeping away the major portion of cake in the fridge. If you consume less sugar in one sitting, you can eat for a longer time. Think about the overall meal. Plan your meals beforehand. This will give a clear idea about the amount of calories. So if you are planning for dessert towards the end, you can cut some calories from your meal. And never forget the importance of exercising. It will help you fight diabetes with strength.


Keep a regular check on your diabetes and schedule your lifestyle around it. If you want to enjoy the perks of baking, you must learn to respect what your body says.

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