Do You Know How To Make An Egg Wash

Do You Know How To Make An Egg Wash

Do you want your baked items to stand out? Then you should put the egg wash on it before baking. To make an egg wash, you only need to whisk it with a little milk or water, as well as cream. You can also opt for olive oil or plain milk stuff to replace the egg wash.

Whether you use it or not, you can adjust it by using different products to get excellent results.

Do You Know How To Make An Egg Wash
Do You Know How To Make An Egg Wash

Make An Egg Wash – Ingredients

To make it, you need one whole egg and heavy cream, water, or milk about 3 tsp. With these ingredients, you can make a simple egg wash to use on a pie or bread loaf.

Make An Egg Wash – Procedure

  • Take the egg and crack it in a bowl. Add a little bit of salt and whisk it. If you want a dark wash, then use only the yolk.
  • Any of the liquid items are suitable for the wash. You can also opt for soy milk if you want to avoid lactose items. By applying it to the pastry, you can save it from drying out.
  • Is the wash very thick than what you require? For example, bread or puff pastry will expand after baking. Thus, they need more and thin wash. You can adjust the thickness by adding a little more liquid. It will prevent the pastry from cracking during baking.
  • Do not forget that the appearance of the egg depends on the liquid you are using. If you add water, it will look matte. While milk, as well as cream, offers it a shiny look.
  • Now it is time to whisk the ingredients thoroughly using a spoon. Always whisk it in a circular motion. However, do not whisk it for more than ten seconds.
  • Do you want to add any extra items like cinnamon powder or any other spice? Then add a pinch of it and whisk it. The addition of spice gives it a darker look. By adding salt in the wash, you can make it suitable for perfect binding for pastry.
Do You Know How To Make An Egg Wash
Do You Know How To Make An Egg Wash

How Will You Use It?

  • Once it is ready, take a pastry brush and dip it into the bowl. Now, apply the wash on the bread or pastry and make sure that the spreading of the egg wash is smooth and even. This way, your baked goods will look perfect on all sides. Avoid using an excess of it as it might run down from the sides, which will make the bread or pastry stick to the pan.
  • Do you want a mushy bottom crust? Of course not! Then you should apply the egg wash before adding the filling. This way, the egg wash will cook while you bake the pie crust. Thus, the fillings cannot absorb the liquid.
  • Whisked egg is the perfect way to close the sides of the pastry. To make it crunchy and give it a pale look, refrain from adding any ingredients in it other than plain water.
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