Great Easter Baking Ideas For Kids -

Great Easter Baking Ideas For Kids

easy easter baking ideas

Easter is the perfect time of year to celebrate the day of Easter with family and friends. This special occasion encourages families to bring together not only those they love, but also give gifts and celebrate the meaning of Easter. There is no better way to celebrate Easter than to bake special eggs for breakfast. Easter eggs are an important symbol of Christianity and therefore should be given with the utmost care. These eggs should be decorated properly to represent the best that the Christian faith has to offer.

An Overview

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One of the easiest Easter baking ideas is to make chocolate egg rolls using an egg-laying machine. Easter eggs, a favorite food of Christians, are easy to produce since you only need water, sugar, flour, butter, cocoa powder and a bit of food coloring. With these simple ingredients you can have beautifully made Easter eggs without stressing yourself too much.

If you do not have an egg-laying machine, you may still make your Easter eggs in the traditional way using a cake cupcake. A plain, flat cake will look more like an Easter egg if you use it to make small round cakes. If you are more adventurous, you may wish to consider a more elaborate design such as a two-tier cake. This would require you to purchase two matching cupcake holders. You may use one for the top layer and one for the bottom layer of your cake.

Great Easter Baking Ideas

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Another easy Easter baking idea is to make chocolate crispy nest cupcakes. Nest cupcakes are usually eaten as snacks during Easter. They are made by cutting small circles from flavored yolks and then melting them in a bowl of hot tap water. The resulting sticky chocolate cakes are usually served as Easter desserts. These chocolate crispy nests are more expensive than regular chocolate cakes but are a worthwhile addition to any Easter celebrations.

You can also create Easter baskets filled with candy. Create a chocolate crispy nest basket by wrapping a springform-shaped piece of wax paper around six individually wrapped candies. Secure the candies with clear tape strips around the outside of the package. Cut off the corner of each candy bar and scrape the candy away from the package. The resulting chocolate snacks are best enjoyed right out of the oven but may be covered in buttercream.

Homemade caramel is another easy Easter baking idea that involves sugar. Combine three quarters of a pound of caster sugar with one tablespoon of molasses and a quarter teaspoon of vanilla. Add three eggs and mix thoroughly. Once you have finished mixing the mixture, pour it into a zip lock bag and refrigerate it. When ready to serve, take the cooled caramel mixture and break it into small pieces.

A popular way of cooking an Easter egg is to use a carrot cake. These cupcakes are easy to make but only taste great when they are served hot from the oven. To achieve the desired carrot cake taste, add two teaspoons of margarine and mix thoroughly. You can also make these cupcakes softer by adding a teaspoon of lemon juice to the batter.

In The End

In addition to the above mentioned baking ideas, there are many more. A great way to show kids your love for Easter is to bake them a chocolate chip fudge recipe. If they ask what that is, tell them that is an Easter treat made with peanut butter and chocolate chips. This particular recipe may be hard to find online, but a substitute can be used which is simply chocolate chip cookies. This is just one of the many easy easter baking ideas eggs that are not difficult to make.

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