Runescape cooking guide - A Brief Detail -

Runescape cooking guide – A Brief Detail

runescape cooking guide

Cooking is a conversion of raw material into the final product that is the food that we have. The final product that is food increases the capacity to complete the work for a particular time which is temporary. Lately, they have many raw materials in Runescape which are mostly cooked by the ones who have been an experience as well as the ones you find them.

Grand exchange is one of the places where you can find all the requirements for cooking in Runescape. To make a complete dish there is a requirement of other raw materials that can be quite tough but can be found at Grand exchange.

Achievements of Raw Materials:

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Different raw materials can be found at a different level of the game which can be a problem to cook a particular item as the one ingredient you require can be available at the earlier stages while the other ingredient can be available at the higher level or you have to wait to reach at a particular level for achieving a certain item.

For example: At level 32 u achieve a Pizza whole at level 45 a swordfish while at level 55 Anchovy pizza. Different levels give different achievements of equipment required for cooking.

Ways of cooking :

One of the ways of cooking food at Runescape is Bonfires which actually does bring an extra point to the player and easily can level up. Putting up the raw wood and cooking on a bonfire can provide the experience of 132. It can easily be available at Grand Exchange while Plain cooking can be made out of using firing the plain cooking ure. As it provides the experience which can help level up easily I’m the game.

Locations of Raw Materials :

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As you advance in the game you find different Raw materials like at Edgeville bank you would find Lured Fish and Al Kharid bank while at Grand Exchange where the materials can be bought and sold openly. Musa’s point spot is to catch swordfish and Draynor village where tinderboxes can be obtained from the old wise man’s house which can be used for fire-making.


As we have come to the end we can say as we go higher and higher levels of the game we find more raw materials and equipment with a lot of experience. Trading of raw materials as well the prepared food is quite easy at Grand Exchange.

There are different places where you can cook as well as collect the raw materials one can collect raw materials and cook them at the same place too.


Finding the raw materials and cooking them and getting the requirements for cooking the food can easily be available at Grand Exchange. Bonfire I can be one of the ways to increase the experience as well as helps in the level up of the game.

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