Runescape Cooking Guide- The Fastest Way To Level Your Cooking -

Runescape Cooking Guide- The Fastest Way To Level Your Cooking

runescape cooking guide

Runescape cooking is actually one of the easier 99 s in Oldschool Runescape, making it popular amongst players. Mainly because it’s quick to level and requires little or no monetary investment. Which is exactly why many players regularly target cooking as their initial 99. Also, it’s the most lucrative skullcap in the game, therefore making it a very lucrative skill to train.

Runescape Cooking Guide

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The whole point of taking on this activity is to cook food that can give you high Cooking levels. But how do you do this? There are a few different ways to get 99 cooking, but here are some quick solutions. You can buy fish from the fish merchant, of course. You can also go to the fishing spot where you get to catch a variety of fish and get a variety of different types of fish to cook with.

I’ll talk about the latter option first. If you don’t want to buy fish from the fish merchant, you can use the runescape forums to your advantage. Here, you can get information on what the best cooking spots are and which are the fastest to get the required levels. You can even find out where you should rest at certain points in order to gain the most experience for each skill.

After you’ve done that, it’s now time to use your new found skills to make you money. You can cook fish for profit and then sell them for higher prices on the auction house. This is where a good runescape cooking guide comes into play. You can use the guide’s information to figure out the best ways to increase your cooking skill.

Get The Most Profit Cooking Job

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The best way to get the most profit per cooking job is to complete the harder quests. The lower level quests will offer you better prices. One thing to remember, though, is that you should not combine quests that give you the same skill. That will lower your profit. Instead, choose one that gives you a different experience per job and combine them all for the best way to get 99 cooking.

The fastest way to get started with cooking is to wear the cooking gauntlets while you’re at the Varrock Square shop. There are two types of gauntlets available. The first has more attack than defense, while the second has more defense than attack. Either one is better than the other, so I would recommend combining the two.

When you have those two pairs of equipment, you should go talk to Naldir and purchase some fish. Since he’s the owner of those fish, you can’t blame him for doing the best he can. He can sell them for the most money on both his cooking guide and his p2p worlds. You can also find fish on other people’s worlds, if you look for them. Since they are selling for so much, it shouldn’t be hard to get your hands on a few.

How To Do Runescape Cooking?

Once you have all your fish and you have completed your quest, you should go talk to Naldir and purchase more. From there, you need to go speak to the sharks in the Pincraft city about your cook skill. You can then buy the cooked salmon that Naldir gives you from the elite diary. Overall, I think that my Runescape Cooking Guide gave you an easy route to follow and taught you how to make lots of gold in Runescape!

The final part is probably my favorite part. It involves shark fishing and Runescape cooking. These are actually very good skills because they help you fish more often, which earns you more experience! In fact, with just the use of your cooking burn level (leveling up) you will be able to fish three times a day and thus gain lots of experience. Also, when you fish you will not get attacked by sharks!

After that, go speak to the fishermen in South Village and ask them about where the best places are to fish. They will tell you to look for sharks in the higher levels (levels 80 and above). Since you’ve bought your Runescape Cooking Guide, you know that you just need to use your Burn level to fish in those areas. And since your Burn level increases as you level up, it’s going to take quite a while before you get to those high enough levels.

However, one thing I should tell you about those high cooking levels is that you shouldn’t stop burning your cook book after every two levels. There is a special fish called the chromed reef shark, which cannot be found in those high levels. However, they are easy to find on lower levels. Once you’ve got those high enough cooking levels, stop burning all your cookbooks and keep using the book for all those high level fish.


Finally, if you want to get 99% as fast as possible, then don’t worry about your diet at all. Just get the most expensive food from the food shop, eat it like you mean it and then throw away the rest. If you do this constantly, you will be able to get 99 cooking very quickly. Follow this guide and you’ll be able to get the best route to level your cooking fast!

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