The Real Origin Of German Chocolate Cake

German Chocolate Cake Never Really Came From Germany

The Chocolate cake is one of the most delicious flavors of cakes. And everyone loves to eat it, because of its texture and flavor that makes it exquisite. There is this variety of chocolate cake which is the German chocolate cake. The history and origin of this chocolate cake are kind of confusing. Primarily because of its name, people often think it is a cake from Germany.  

Over the years, German chocolate cake has become a favorite as it is different from standard and traditional chocolate cakes.

German Chocolate Cake: If Not From Germany, Where?

German Chocolate Cake Never Really Came From Germany
German Chocolate Cake Never Really Came From Germany

As the name may suggest, the German chocolate cake is usually mistaken as a product of Germany. But this is not the case. It has a little to no German ties. During the year 1852, there was this baker from the Bakers Chocolate Company invented dark baking chocolate. His name was Samuel German. In honoring German of his invention, the company named the dark baking chocolate after him. Thus, the name Baker’s German’s Sweet Chocolate.

One hundred five years later, a recipe appeared on the daily news as “the recipe of the day” named as the German’s Chocolate Cake. Since the chocolate used for this cake was the dark chocolate, Samuel German invented. The cake’s recipe came all over from a Texan woman named Mrs. George Clay. Later then, the apostrophe was omitted from the name. And which made it confusing for those who didn’t know its origin. It is clear that the German name does not imply the product is from Germany. And this is the history of the German chocolate cake.

German Chocolate for Not-So-German Cake

German Chocolate Cake Never Really Came From Germany
German Chocolate Cake Never Really Came From Germany

The German chocolate used in German cake is a unique blend of sugar and chocolate. Thus, giving the flavor of a sweeter taste compared to semi-sweet chocolate. German chocolate is a mixture of various character. These flavors are such as cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, cocoa, lecithin (fat from yolks), sugar and other flavorings, while other chocolates are pure cocoa from cacao. Thus, giving a characteristic bitter flavor and with a little sugar added.

Which Cake Is Which – (Chocolate, Devil’s or German)

German Chocolate Cake Never Really Came From Germany
German Chocolate Cake Never Really Came From Germany

A common mistake by people that chocolate cakes are the same. There are a lot of varieties of chocolate cakes. And only avid chocolate lovers can differentiate flavors of each chocolate used in a cake. Three basic chocolate cakes are so dear to our palates. And these are:

  • The original chocolate cake, made with sweetened chocolate, the most common chocolate cake. Though, this is the basic among the chocolate cakes. Bakers and other amateurs, tweaked the recipe of this traditional cake to make it unique in their way. Usually, the filling or frosting are changed depending on the likes of the one who bakes it.

  • The Devil’s chocolate cake, it is a dense, rich cake and made with dark chocolate. Devil’s chocolate cake has a more intense chocolate flavor. Because of the addition of brewed coffee or espresso which brings out the taste of the chocolate. Thus, giving it a darker chocolate color compared to others.

  • And the German chocolate cake which made with German’s chocolate. It is sweet dark baking chocolate developed by Samuel German. This chocolate cake is topped with coconut and pecan frosting and lined with caramel. It has a unique combination of ingredients, resulting in a unique taste as well. Thus, complimenting each other, creating a harmony of flavor. A unique blend of taste than other chocolate cakes do not have. Thus, making it incredibly delicious. The texture and consistency of the cake are unusual yet enticing for the taste buds. Overall, this cake is unique on its own.


People commonly mistook German chocolate cake as a product of Germany. However, German chocolate cake is a product of America and originates from Texas. The name German chocolate cake was derived from the chocolate used to make the product. The information above provides facts about its origin.

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