Tips For Building Your Baking Essentials Pantry

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Every baking or canning store should have a proper supply of baking essentials pantry. A well-stocked pantry is a must to keep fresh and ready for baking. Here are a few tips on how to build a good supply of baking essentials pantry for your store.

There are many small spaces that one can store items for their pantry in. Some include the floor, walls, under shelves, under the counter, and behind boxes.

If you have large pantry space, you will probably want to add a frosting board or two so you can frost smaller items. The number of frosting boards needed is determined by the size of the room you are storing them in.

Tips For Building Your Baking Essentials Pantry
Tips For Building Your Baking Essentials Pantry


Keep frosting boards in a separate section. Some people use them as a catch-all place holder that gets moved around and tucked in when you don’t need it. Others keep frosting boards in a spot that gets used often so they are ready for another use.

When you are adding new canisters of baking spices, try to purchase items that are a lower cost. You don’t want to break the bank when adding in a new spice rack because you want to keep your costs low.

You want to keep things simple by keeping containers in order. This will help you see what you have on hand and keep you from trying to locate different items in the store. Sometimes, the best way to get something you need is by browsing the aisle. The same goes for keeping in stock.


Try to get a good quality container that is sturdy. If you are using several of the same containers, it can get messy when you have to quickly sort things. Keep these simple to avoid losing a container or having to return an item.

You need to have a wide variety of containers to keep things organized. Once you have a good container and the right way to keep them organized, you will find it is easier to get items out of the container and to find things in the container quickly. Keep a group of commonly used containers and keep each shelf filled with common things you use daily.

Tips For Building Your Baking Essentials Pantry
Tips For Building Your Baking Essentials Pantry

Keeping everything close together will keep it easy to use. These storage areas need to be easily accessible to everyone in the store. The ones closest to the door need to be easy to get to so they can quickly find the ingredients they need.


You want to keep a variety of different containers that are for things, such as flour, sugar, and all the other ingredients you use for baking. You don’t want to have to run back and forth to your kitchen or pantry looking for those items. Make sure to have plenty of ways to get items out of the cans, jars, and containers you buy.

Tips For Building Your Baking Essentials Pantry
Tips For Building Your Baking Essentials Pantry

Knowing how long you want the containers to last is important in the next tip for storing products. Some canisters will hold up better longer than others so buy them based on how long you plan to use them. Do not buy too many of the same products because it can take up space.

If you like to experiment, you will find a few different options for storing your product in your baking essentials pantry. It doesn’t matter if you decide to put all the products in containers or if you plan to keep a more traditional pantry setup where each container has its own shelf, you can always find a way to store your products for the long haul.

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