Top 10 Pressure Cooking Guide For Best Pressure Cooker Use

Pressure Cooking Guide

Pressure cooker is made to make your work short to make slow cook dishes. The pressure cooker are economical both the amount of power it uses and it also ideal to make the cheap cut meats tender. It can help to reduce the extra coking times up to 50% and also helps to retain the nutrients making it a healthy cooking method. Pressure cooker is best to make soups and risottos and speeding up the slow cook dished like casseroles. If you have never used one then this is the best place to start. This is the guide for using pressure cooker.

Some Important Things To Know

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So now that you have bought a pressure cooker for yourself the first thing that you need to do is read the instructions carefully. Modern pressure cookers comes with many safety features and it is for some good reasons. The heat that gets generated by the steam can easily scold if you do not handle t properly. Follow the instructions as it is given for you pressure cooker model and you do not have to worry about it.

Next you need to do is check your kit. It is important that you keep your pressure cooker clean and in good working condition. You can easily get the replacements of the worn out parts which is available from the suppliers. Like you may want to find yourself needing to replace the rubber gasket which ensures a good seal. Also it is important that you check that the valves are free from all kinds of dirt and debris.

Some More Facts On Using Pressure Cooker

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Food that you cook in your pressure cooker do not brown so it is worth doing this at the beginning of cooking before you add liquid and put the lid on it. meat looks and also tastes more delicious when you brow it a little. Garlic, spices and onion also benefit in the flavor stakes from pre-cooking. But if you are in a hurry then you can skip this step.

Pressure cookers cook with steam. No liquid is equals to no steam. So it is advisable that you cant and should not use your pressure cooker until and unless you have added sufficient liquid. Instructions will help you to know about the minimum amount and some will also tell you how much to use for different items.

If not all then most of the pressure cooker do have minimum and maximum mark on the inside of the pot. It is advisable that you do not exceed those marks. A pressure cooker should not be more than 2/3

Bottom Line

Pressure cooker lids are made for the dishwasher or for immersing it in water. Wash them under a running tap and then clean it with washing liquid and take the rubber gasket off to properly clean the lid. So this guide will help you to use the pressure cooker.

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