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Kid Friendly Baking Ideas

Kid friendly baking idea

Having three kids is what sparked my passion for baking. I would have my kids around me while I would bake for them goods. While they grew so did their interest in baking grew as well. I would always let them help around even if it was only stirring or adding ingredients, watching them enjoy themselves is what makes moms happy. Teach your kids basic baking skills when letting them help you out. I am going to list my Top 6 Kid Friendly Baking Ideas I always use when baking with my kids.

Cut Out Cookies

Top 10 Kid Friendly Baking Ideas

I never once baked cookies without my kids, cookies are a favorite to all especially for kids. When baking cookies with kids they can help you from the beginning to the end (which is what they want). They can add the ingredients, help mixing, and best of all cutting out the cookies. Cookie Tips.


Brownies are another classic lovable sweet loved by all. Let your kids indulge themselves when helping you bake brownies. They will be licking their little finger when they finish.

Top 10 Kid Friendly Baking Ideas


If you have a kid that doesn’t like cupcakes, please let us know. But I truly doubt that their is a kid out there that doesn’t love cupcakes. Cupcakes are what light up everyone day. So make sure to make some with your child, let them be creative when decorating.

Top 10 Kid Friendly Baking Ideas

Fruit Salads

Fruit salads is something me and my family love having at breakfast or as a snack. You can come up with any type of fruit salad add orange juice or my personal favorite yogurt and honey. Kids can help cutting soft fruits like bananas or strawberries or help you take the grapes from their stems.

Top 10 Kid Friendly Baking Ideas


Another great idea when baking with kids are pancakes. Have them mix the batter for you so they can feel they are little bakers. Let them put the topping and spread the syrups.

Top 10 Kid Friendly Baking Ideas

Chocolate Covered Banana Ice Cream

Now this will be yours and your kids favorite recipe of all time. The simplicity and mess free recipe will have you making it more often. It’s easy as one, two three!! Read every detail of this simple recipe here.



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