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Ultimate Vanilla Cooking Guide For Exciting Dishes

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Do you want to have a full list of vanilla recipes? If yes then you gotta stop right there because we have bought the perfect recipes for you. These vanilla recipes are nothing but mouth-watering and you are going to love them. If you want to try some amazing vanilla cupcakes or something like that but not too cliche then you need to look below. Let us mention some of the vanilla recipes to woo you! 

Pressure Cooker Vanilla Cheesecake: 

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Did you that cinnamon and vanilla set perfectly? If you do not know then you can try it once. Also, you can make it in the pressure cooker to give it a silky and smooth texture. You will literally not be able to resist the smooth vanilla cake. 

Vanilla Cream Fruit Tart:

Oh, who doesn’t love tart? You will really love the creamy tart that will be full of whipped cream. Also, this will be filled with juicy berries and every bite will bring joy! If you want to make something for your love on any important occasion, then you should try this recipe without any second thought. 

Blueberry Quick Bread with Vanilla Sauce

What about having a loaf full of blueberries? Oh, not only a few blueberries but two full cups of blueberries. Also, you need to add vanilla sauce over the loaf. Can you even imagine the smoothie texture and the mouthfuls of blueberries? You can have a cup of coffee with this to have a great tiffin break! 

Vanilla Bean Fizz

You can now have a vanilla bean syrup at your home. If you are missing going out and having mocktails, then you can go for vanilla syrup. Honestly, this is the best beverage that is undoubtedly ideal for holidays when you are at home with your family members. 

Rum Vanilla Cranberry Sauce

Oh, you must be thrilled by the name of the rum and yes, you can now actually experience vanilla and rum together. Cranberry sauce is everyone’s favorite and you can make a jazzed-up version by mixing it with vanilla and rum. The sauce is very much flavorful and you will absolutely love it! 

Vanilla & Cinnamon-Kissed Apple Latkes

The name must have attracted you so far and if you want to make it in your own kitchen then we would like to give you some ideas. Who doesn’t love crispy and fried pancakes? Most people make them with potatoes. But, you can make this sweet version with apples, orange juice, cinnamon, and vanilla falls in the dessert realm. 

Vanilla Cheesecake

Cheesecake is commonly loved by everyone and they are so delicious, right? There is nothing better than having a simple yet elegant cheesecake where the vanilla will give you a mouthful taste. Also, you may add some rich chocolate ganache topping to give it a bit jazzed taste! 

Vanilla Citrus Cider

If you are known with apple cider vinegar than this name must be known to you. You must have seen the cider in your mother’s kitchen and you can add some vanilla on it to make it the best. The longer the cider simmers, the stronger the flavors will be.

Hopefully, we have successfully delivered some of the amazing vanilla recipes to make yo woo and you should try them all at home! 

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