Uses For Cream Of Tartar

Knowing The Other Uses Of Cream Of Tartar

If you like baking, chances are you will face cream of tartar in one or a couple of goods that you have made. Probably, you have this stuff lying around your pantry somewhere, and you don’t even know where to use it. I mean, it is neither a cream, probably it is tartar like the ones on your teeth, but meh, who knows. But, using just a pinch of it will give a huge difference in your pastries or cooking. Perhaps the cream of tartar is like that friend you met once. You know him by name, yet if the situation calls for him, then that’s the time he shows up. After doing his job, now will disappear into obscurity, never to be seen again. The good thing about this mystery stuff is that it lasts for about an eternity if you keep it in a cool place. Anyway, let us uncover the uses of cream of tartar, its other practical application. And also what is it.

Cream Of Tartar aka Wine Diamonds

Knowing The Other Uses Of Cream Of Tartar
Knowing The Other Uses Of Cream Of Tartar

As I have mentioned earlier, it is a powder, akin to baking soda or baking powder, which is a cream. Cream of tartar is a byproduct produced during the fermentation process of winemaking. Its full name is Potassium bitartrate, and cream of tartar is just his nickname back in the hood. Cream of tartar is a fancy pen name for potassium bitartrate.

Since Cream of Tartar is produced during winemaking and goes out like shards of glass. Winemakers started to call them “wine diamonds.” These tartrate crystals are harmless. And it doesn’t even change the flavor of the wine. (Yet may give you that unpleasant experience while drinking). Usually, these crystals only form under low temperatures. Especially if you put your wine on the fridge for cooling. During the winemaking process, there is a process to end these crystals. Sometimes they can still make their way to the final product.

Cream of Tartar in Baking

Knowing The Other Uses Of Cream Of Tartar
Knowing The Other Uses Of Cream Of Tartar

This wine diamond is one of the essential ingredients used in baking. And especially when making the icing, angel food cake, and meringue. It helps in the formation of “peaks” when beating egg whites. Thus, making it a catalyst for frothing or foaming egg whites faster. Also, the cream of tartar is an essential ingredient in snickerdoodles cookies as well. And this gives the cookie its distinct chewy texture as well as its tangy taste. If cream of tartar is not added to this, it will turn out into a basic cinnamon cookie with a sugar coating.

Other Uses of Cream of Tartar Aside From Baking

Knowing The Other Uses Of Cream Of Tartar
Knowing The Other Uses Of Cream Of Tartar

Aside from its everyday use, which is, you know, cooking and baking, cream of tartar also have lots of methods as well, such as:

  • It can be a great cleaning agent for aluminum and brass pans if mixed with vinegar.
  • Can also help clean splotches from porcelain by using a mixture of it together with water.
  • If you are mixing cream of tartar with hydrogen peroxide until it turns into mush and applies it to tools to remove rust, make sure to leave it on the rusted area for hours first before rubbing it and rinsing with water mixed with baking soda.
  • Vinegar and cream of tartar mixture can also help remove stains on clothes. For best results, let the mixture stay on the affected area for a couple of minutes before washing them.

Health Benefits

Knowing The Other Uses Of Cream Of Tartar
Knowing The Other Uses Of Cream Of Tartar

Cream of tartar has a lot of health benefits to our bodies also. And we can use this too, as first aid or a substitute for some medications,  such as:

  • Used as a pain reliever for arthritis, if mixed with citrus fruits and Epsom salts, or magnesium sulfate.
  • A mixture of Cream of tartar and citrus juice will help strengthen the immune system. As well as cleanse the body. Thus, best for people who want to quit smoking and detoxify their bodies as well.
  • Mix it with water and apply it to the face to treat acne.
  • It also helps to normalize the pH level on our urine. Greatly, helping us fight urinary tract infections as well as gall stones.
  • It helps lower blood pressure due to potassium deficiency.


Cream of tartar may be a forgettable ingredient that sits quietly in your spice cabinet. If used correctly, you can unlock its real potential for making delicious icing to cleaning pots and chinaware. Surely, cream of tartar is a nifty compound to have around.

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