Vanilla Cake Classic Sugar-Free Recipe

Vanilla Cake Classic Sugar-Free Recipe

A cake is a love for millions of people. People from all age groups whether a child, or a teenager, an adult or an older adult love to have a piece of cake anytime and anywhere. Moreover, a cake is very easy to prepare without much time and any complication. However, these days, people are getting health conscious. This is because, to survive in this ever-challenging and competitive world, one always needs to to be healthy. Thereby, these days people prefer not to take food high in sugar level. However, you can taste your vanilla cake without any tension of getting unhealthy. With the Classic Vanilla Cake Sugar-free Recipe, one can easily make the best cake without taking worries of the calories as well.

A sugar-free vanilla cake is very easy to prepare. The ingredient used instead of sugar is a granulated sweetener. The preparation is very easy and takes very less time. Let us see the recipe of sugar-free Vanilla Cake.

Vanilla Cake Classic Sugar-Free Recipe
Vanilla Cake Classic Sugar-Free Recipe

Ingredients Required For Sugar-Free Vanilla Cake

1- A Cup Of Flour

2- One Cup of buttermilk

3-  One big spoon of Butter

4- Coconut oil

5- 6 eggs

6- Vanilla Extract

7- Granulated Sweetener- as per taste

8-  A pinch of salt

Vanilla Cake Classic Sugar-Free Recipe
Vanilla Cake Classic Sugar-Free Recipe

Why Use Coconut Oil

If you want to make your cake more healthy, use of coconut oil is the best option. No doubt that butter will give a perfect texture and color to your cake, but coconut oil is much healthier than butter. Moreover, the best way to make the healthy vanilla cake is to combine the butter and the coconut oil in equal portion. Thereby, the taste of the cake is not sacrificed with the use of butter and coconut oil maintains the health portion of the cake. Thus, coconut oil is the best alternative to butter while making the vanilla cake.

Preparation Of Sugar-Free Vanilla Cake

1- Firstly mix the ingredients of flour and buttermilk.

2- After a thorough blending of the mixture, add the mixture of butter and coconut milk, and mix it until the texture becomes thick and sticky.

3- Heat the dough in the gas for about 10 minutes. This helps in the perfect mixture of the flour, buttermilk, butter, and coconut oil.

4- After heating, the dough for about 15 minutes, put it aside from the gas and mix the granulated sweetener along with vanilla extract. As the cake is Vanilla, there will be more use of the extracts of Vanilla.

5- Again mic the dough properly until the texture becomes smooth and blend. Once you feel the aroma of Vanilla, you will know that the mixture has got the perfect blend.

6- Once the dough has got the ideal combination, put it in the oven and bake it for 15 minutes.

7- After baking rest the cake for some time and then put in the refrigerator for two hours to allow it to freeze.

8- After freezing, put the cake out and cut into the shape and size of your desire.

9- Garnish the cake with sugar-free chocolate chips.

10- Your cake sugar-free is ready to serve.

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